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Launching queries

Three types of queries are offered : VocMac Index queries, VocMac String queries and World Wide Web queries:

1 VocMac Index queries:

The blue field buttons allow specific index queries in each of the record fields thus including queries about word fields (subject matters), semantic units, grammatical categories, additional information, subject matter groups, modified records and URLs leading to selected Web sites dealing with one of the headwords.

Start queries

2 VocMac String queries

If you want to look up a particular string (prefix, suffix, root word, etc), just enter your search string into the appropriate yellow field and then click the blue button the launch your personal query.

3 World-Wide-Web queries

Since Release 07.2 VocMac integrates the Web into its records using Web Viewer, a new FileMaker 8.5 feature thus providing external Internet information without leaving the database.

Displaying query results

  1. The results of a query are automatically displayed in a trilingual word list.
  2. Clicking into one of the flag symbols will switch to the corresponding language list.
  3. Individual records or complete selections of records can be marked for further treatment.
  4. A click on the flag symbols modifies the order in which the three language columns are displayed.
  5. A click on the printer icon starts printing the query results.

    VocMac: Results

Queries with negative results can be easily reported to VocMac by a simple mouse click:

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