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Browsing dictionary records

  1. The browsing layout displays all dictionary fields in a compact form.
  2. The display can be automated in form of a customizable slide-show : delay times can be chosen the the viewer.
  3. A row of buttons on top of the display let you switch over to all other important layouts of the dictionary.
  4. Individual records can also be marked in this layout for further treatment.

VocMac Browsing display


  1. Please, first highlight your search word or string in field 'Additional information'. Then click the button 'HyperFind' or one of the flag-buttons.
  2. A click on button 'HyperFind' searches for words or character strings in field 'Additional Information' and this in the whole corpus of the dictionary. A click on one of the flag-buttons limits the search to the language the button symbolizes.

Browsing subject matters

  1. This layout offers a list of all subject matters available in the dictionary.
  2. A click into the arrow button preceeding each record takes you to a list of all records belonging this subject matter

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